Life After Trauma…

Life After Trauma  This journey of 'coming out' has had so many twists and turns, I've lost many friendships who didn't agree with my openness on this subject but at the same time, I've gained some incredible new friends who are supportive & caring...

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To Report or Not to Report

To Report Or Not To Report: Survivor Testimony of the (In)Justice System,

The book is being launched at the Houses of Parliament ‪on Tuesday 6th February‬.

This is part of Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week (‪5th-11th February‬).

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Women Talk

Women Talk ON SALE NOW    Women Talk is an inspirational and motivational book compiled of stories written by local Luton women, launched at the Women Talk Talent Summit Conference celebrating International Women’s Day at the end of March. The purpose of the book...

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Monday Motivation

Have you ever been in a situation where YOU are the only thing standing in your way of receiving the breakthrough you know you deserve?  Have you ever procrastinated over something that you knew you needed to do, something that could essentially change your life for...

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Monday Motivation Tips for a Successful Day

5 Tips for a Successful Day 1. Have a positive attitude  2. Believe you will complete every goal you set for yourself today and for the rest of the week. 3. Wear your confidence like a piece of your favourite clothing, or in my case like a pair of shoes!   4....

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Tuesday Truth

How You Start Your Day Will Determine How You End Your Day. 5 Tips for a Successful Day.  1. Positive attitude   2. Believe you will complete every goal you set for yourself today and for the rest of the week. 3. Wear your confidence like a piece of clothing  4....

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Inspired To Change Limiting Beliefs

Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back..... Are you inspired to change limiting beliefs? Firstly, what is a limiting belief? Web definitions "Limiting beliefs are beliefs that are held either consciously or subconsciously that serve as obstacles to manifesting and...

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Power of Pause Revisted

At the beginning of the year, I focused on the power of pause and today I wanted to revisit the topic. It's been an exceptionally hard week. I've faced and overcome many challenges both personally & physically. I have continually been blessed, some doors have been...

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Principles of It Starts With Me

It All Starts With Me ...... The principle of Everything Starts With Me... Celebrate your greatness, have enough faith in the Divine God that lives inside of you to know that you can achieve anything if you believe.

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