Phenomenal Woman Network (PWN)

A 40+ networking & support group for women

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This is a safe space created for you, offering interactive support & a networking platform to progressive phenomenal women who have a passion for life, family, & business, expressing our voice, our choice & our story!

We are a community of strong influential women who are relentless in our pursuit of happiness & success in ourselves, business & families.

We are women on the front line who take responsibility in every aspect of our lives…

Help Me, Help You, Help We…..What does that mean?

It means we are a community that meets you at your need. Each member is accountable and takes personal responsibility to live an authentic life, we are supportive of our fellow sisters and contribute to our community by being the phenomenal woman we were all created to be reflecting our greatness from the inside out.

Yvonne’s Network holds live training events and seminars for the modern woman, we discuss health issues and give general support where needed.



Get In contact to join our network and receive discounts for live events and training.

Get In contact to join our network of Phenomenal Women Today and receive discounts for live events and training.