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Have you heard?
You Get a Free E-book of Inspired Affirmations…

Let me ask you this…

How important is it, too you, to feel really good about yourself?

 How will you feel in 6months or even 3 months if everything in your life stays exactly the same & nothing changes? 

How will that feel for you?
For most, it won’t feel good, most will live in a silent depression and only wish they could do something to change their circumstances but will never do anything about it.

You on the other hand have an amazing opportunity to make a change. Many women struggle with feelings of anxiety, low self esteem and low confidence; sometimes its medical reasons, sometimes it’s the time of life and sometimes it’s just how you feel and that can be overwhelming.
Whatever the reason, I know you want to overcome those feelings and feel more confident in yourself to achieve your goals and live your life.

At Inspired Woman Sessions 12th November you will:

🔥have the opportunity redesign & make YOUR future years incredible! 

🔥have a clear 20/20 vision of what you want to achieve for the new  year & new decade 2020?

🔥create an easy to read template, blueprint of your vision, goals & plans

🔥create your own breathtaking future with bite size achievable steps to help you build the sustainable lifestyle that you wan

🔥YOUR confidence and self esteem will skyrocket.

🔥find solutions to get the results you want

🔥De-stress & re-store balance in your life.

🔥re-create a better YOU          

🌟🌟🌟Bonus 🌟🌟🌟

Claim your free copy of Yvonne Michele’s New E-book

‘Inspired Affirmations’

When you book & attend the Inspired Woman Session.

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We have just opened up 5 concession places for young women aged 18-25, single parents or those who are on a low income.
If this is you, don’t let money stand in the way of you creating a better future for yourself and family 


Please call 07957255670