About Yvonne Michéle

A dynamic coach, transformational speaker, radio, and TV presenter as well as a professional singer/songwriter and author. She is the co-founder & director of Gospel Singers Incognito Ltd who were 2013 semi-finalist of Britain’s Got Talent which has given her a tremendous platform to travel, train, sing & speak in schools, colleges, universities, women’s organisations & corporate companies all over the world.

Yvonne Michéle is an Empowerment & Speaker Coach and Executive Director of iNspired 2 iNspire U Ltd; A personal development company inspiring women and girls to find their greatness.

As a result of working with Yvonne her clients who once felt overwhelmed, inadequate, frustrated, nervous and incapable of speaking their truth are able to craft an unforgettable message,  tell their story  and instantly engage an audience. They are able speak with clarity and confidence and are able to find and use their voice to move forward, build resilience and overcome life’s stumbling blocks.

Yvonne Michele’s message is clear…..

“Women are powerful beyond measure, when we live in our boldness, when we are fearless when we live in our authenticity and show up as we are unapologetically , something incredible happens.

We become the Voice of Freedom!

We find freedom in our lives, in our homes, in our families and in our businesses.

‘When we unite and your voice joins my voice, and my voice joins yours it creates energy; this energy creates an echo; this echo causes a vibration in the universe; this vibration is so powerful it brings down the walls of self doubt, silence, shame, and separation; together we become one voice, together we become a force of strength that rebuilds, restructures and redefines our very existence!”

Yvonne Michéle